Stemo Component bin

How storage bins can enhance lean management and streamline processes

In a world where efficiency and streamlined processes are key to the success of businesses, lean management has become a cornerstone in the pursuit of continuous improvements and the elimination of waste. The lean principles, originally developed in Toyota’s production system, aim to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. In this context, storage bins play an unexpectedly vital role in promoting a more streamlined, efficient, and organized working environment.

Understanding lean management

Lean management is a management philosophy that focuses on identifying and eliminating non-value-adding activities (waste) through continuous improvement. It encompasses five main principles: define value, map the value stream, create flow, establish pull, and strive for perfection. Efficient handling of materials and resources is central to this methodology, making storage bins an indispensable tool.

The role of storage bins in lean management


  1. Optimization of storage space
    Stemo’s space-efficient and modular storage bins enable the maximal utilization of available storage space. By tailoring storage solutions to specific space needs, companies minimize space waste, an important aspect of lean philosophy.

  2. Improved sorting and standardization
    A cornerstone of lean management is the 5S method, where the first two steps are “Sort” and “Standardize”. By using Stemo’s colored or labeled storage bins, companies can effectively sort and organize materials and tools, reducing the time it takes to find them and increasing productivity.

  3. Minimization of movement and transport
    Any unnecessary movement or transport of materials is considered waste according to lean. Storage bins that are easy to transport and can be tailored to specific content needs minimize the need for unnecessary handling and movement, optimizing workflows and reducing time consumption. Stemo’s storage bins feature a compact packaging that allows the bins to be nested during transport, thereby reducing freight costs and storage space.

  4. Improved visual management
    Lean management emphasizes the importance of visual management to improve communication and efficiency. By using Stemo’s storage bins with a facade opening or integrated labeling systems, work teams can quickly identify the contents without having to open each bin, facilitating faster decision-making and reducing errors.