All accessories for our bins (dividers, labels, label holders and drawer stops) are made from recycled plastic.

Divider component bins - P09

Divider component bins - P09
Dimensions mm90×95

Divider component bins- P12

Dimensions mm120×95

Divider component bins - P18

Dimensions mm180×95

Divider component bins - P24

Divider component bins - P24
Dimensions mm240×95

Divider component bins - P18-11

Divider component bins - P18-11
Dimensions mm180×110

Divider component bins - P24-15

Divider component bins - P24-15
Dimensions mm240×150

Divider component bins Midi - 12

Dimensions mm120×65

Divider component bins Midi - 24

Dimensions mm240×65

Holder incl. label - 30X135

Dimensions mm30×135

Holder incl. label - 30X60

Dimensions mm30×60

Holder incl. label - 30X75

Dimensions mm30×75

Holder - 30x60

Dimensions mm30×60

Holder - 30x75

Dimensions mm30×75

Label - 30x75

Dimensions mm30×75

Label - 22x75

Dimensions mm22×75

Bin stop component bins

Dimensions mm80×40

Bin stop component bins - Midi

Dimensions mm65×45

Smart accessories for the best small part sorting

Optimize your small part sorting and streamline your workplace by introducing practical partitions in your storage boxes. Our transparent partitions provide a clear overview of the contents and facilitate the sorting of various small parts. To further improve organization, the partition can be equipped with a label, giving you the opportunity to easily mark and categorize your stored items. Our partitions are available in two different sizes to fit your specific storage needs. Whether you want larger sections or multiple smaller compartments, we have a solution.

Label your bins for added convenience

or added convenience in handling your boxes, we also offer smart labels that can complement your storage solution. Our labels have a magnetic backside, making it easy to attach and move them depending on the shelving system you use. You can customize the labels according to your needs and change them as you rearrange your workplace. With our practical partitions and smart labels, you can take your small part sorting to the next level. Create an efficient and organized work environment where you can quickly find the right parts and maximise productivity.