ESD Bins

These black ESD bins were designed for workplaces where static electricity can be an issue. Our component bins and volume bins are available in a black ESD-safe version: made from conductive materials, they meet the IEC 61340 standard.

Compact design


21 sizes


High Impact Polypropylene

Only in Black color

3009 ESD Bin

Type 3009
Dimensions mm 300x90x95
Interior dimensions 250x70x88
Dividers/bin (max) 5
Quantity/carton 40

3012 ESD Bin

Dimensions mm300x120x95
Interior dimensions250x95x88
Dividers/bin (max)3

3018 ESD Bin

Dimensions mm300x180x95
Interior dimensions250x155x88
Dividers/bin (max)3

3024 ESD Bin

Dimensions mm300x240x95
Interior dimensions250x210x88
Dividers/bin (max)3

3024-15 ESD Volume bin

Dimensions mm300x240x150
Interior dimensions210x200x142
Dividers/bin (max)2

4009 ESD Bin

Dimensions mm400x90x95
Interior dimensions345x70x88
Dividers/bin (max)7

4012 ESD Bin

Dimensions mm400x120x95
Interior dimensions345x95x88
Dividers/bin (max)4

4018 ESD Bin

Dimensions mm400x180x95
Interior dimensions345x155x88
Dividers/bin (max)4

4024 ESD Bin

Dimensions mm400x240x95
Interior dimensions345x210x88
Dividers/bin (max)4

4024-15 ESD Volume bin

Dimensions mm400x240x150
Interior dimensions310x200x142
Dividers/bin (max)4

5009 ESD Bin

Dimensions mm500x90x95
Interior dimensions445x70x88
Dividers/bin (max)9

5012 ESD Bin

Dimensions mm500x120x95
Interior dimensions445x95x88
Dividers/bin (max)6

5018 ESD Bin

Dimensions mm500x180x95
Interior dimensions445x155x88
Dividers/bin (max)6

5018-11 ESD Volume bin

Typ nr5018-11
Dimensions mm500x180x110
Interior dimensions445x155x102
Dividers/bin (max)6

5024 ESD Bin

Dimensions mm500x240x95
Interior dimensions445x210x88
Dividers/bin (max)4

5024-15 ESD Volume bin

Dimensions mm500x240x150
Interior dimensions410x200x142
Dividers/bin (max)4

6009 ESD Bin

Dimensions mm600x90x95
Interior dimensions545x70x88
Dividers/bin (max)11

6012 ESD Bin

Dimensions mm600x120x95
Interior dimensions545x95x88
Dividers/bin (max)7

6018 ESD Bin

Dimensions mm600x180x95
Interior dimensions545x155x88
Dividers/bin (max)7

6024 ESD Bin

Type 6024
Dimensions mm 600x240x95
Interior dimensions 545x210x88
Dividers/bin (max) 7
Quantity/carton 15

6024-15 ESD Volume bin

Dimensions mm600x240x150
Interior dimensions510x200x142
Dividers/bin (max)5

Accessories for ESD bins

We can supply dividers, labels, label holders (not MIDI) and container stops for all our ESD storage bins.

High quality ESD bins for safe storage

These black ESD bins are specially designed for workplaces where static electricity poses a risk. Made from conductive materials, our component and volume bins are available in an ESD-safe black version that meets the IEC 61340 standard. In environments with machinery and sensitive materials, static charges can escalate to dangerous levels. Using ESD-protected products is essential to ensure the safety of both employees and equipment.

These bins are crafted from durable and recyclable polypropylene, guaranteeing superior quality and stability. They are designed for ergonomic efficiency, featuring a stable front grip for easy handling. Additionally, smart container stops ensure that the bin remains in position when pulled out, and a clear opening offers users a convenient overview of the contents. To further enhance their functionality, the bins can be equipped with accessories like dividers to segment them into compartments. Label holders are also available, facilitating swift and straightforward content identification. With various sizes and accessory options, you can tailor these bins to meet your business’s unique requirements.

What does ESD mean and when is protection needed?

ESD stands for Electrostatic Discharge. It refers to the phenomenon where equipment and materials can become charged with static electricity, which can then be discharged upon contact. You have probably experienced a “shock” from touching something before, and that’s precisely what ESD is referring to. In workplaces with machinery and sensitive materials, these charges can reach dangerous levels. To protect both employees and equipment, it is important to ESD-protect the workplace using safe products.

An example of this is our ESD boxes, which are made of conductive material and can withstand static charging. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for workplaces where electrostatic charges occur to ESD-secure the operation, and our boxes are a good option for this. STEMO’s ESD boxes come in 21 different sizes and offer something for all sorting and storage needs.

Are you curious about our entire range? We have something for all storage needs.

Anti static storage ESD boxes - for a safe workplace

Our antistatic ESD boxes are made of high-quality conductive material, which provides effective protection against electrostatic charges. By using these antistatic boxes, harmful charges are neutralized, preventing them from spreading and causing problems for both staff and equipment.

We at STEMO are proud to offer ESD boxes in 21 different sizes to meet a variety of workplace and storage needs. Whether you need small boxes to sort sensitive electronic components or larger boxes to store electrical equipment, we have a solution that suits your needs.

Using ESD bins at your workplace is an effective and necessary measure to ensure a safe work environment. By implementing these conductive boxes, you reduce the risk of accidents and protect both your employees and your equipment.

We at STEMO are committed to offering high-quality, safe, and reliable ESD protection products that help you create a safe and protected work environment. If you have questions or want more information about our ESD boxes and other products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Curious about our full range? We have something for all storage needs.

Our ESD and Antistatic bins: Enhancing Manufacturing Efficiency

STEMO’s ESD-safe and antistatic storage solutions are a game-changer in manufacturing environments, where precision and safety are paramount. These robust ESD bins and boxes are specifically designed to guard against static damage, a critical factor in maintaining the integrity of electronic components and sensitive equipment. Their integration into your manufacturing process not only safeguards products but also streamlines workflow, significantly reducing the risk of costly errors and enhancing overall productivity.

Customizable and Eco-Friendly Storage

Our range of storage solutions is tailored to meet the diverse and evolving needs of the modern manufacturing sector. Constructed from high-quality, recyclable materials, these bins and boxes offer exceptional durability and long-term performance in industrial settings. The modular nature of our products allows for personalized configurations, making them a versatile choice for various storage requirements. This adaptability is coupled with an eco-friendly design, aligning with the growing trend of sustainable manufacturing practices.

Reliable Antistatic Protection for Manufacturing Workplaces

At STEMO, we understand the critical importance of reliable antistatic protection in manufacturing. Our products are meticulously designed to meet stringent industry standards, providing unparalleled protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD). Suitable for a wide array of manufacturing applications, from electronics assembly to automotive parts production, these storage solutions are an essential component of a safe and efficient workplace. Their diverse size options and customizable features make the ESD bins an ideal choice for any manufacturing operation, large or small, ensuring a seamless fit into your specific process.