What are cookies? A cookie is a small text file with information, which is saved on your computer (or a device with internet connection such as a tablet or a mobile phone) when you visit a website. Cookies are used to make web pages work more efficiently but also to provide certain information to the owner of a website. This may relate to, for example, language settings or other preferences saved to be used for future visits. Cookies make it possible to separate different users from each other, which in turn can result in a more positive experience of the site for each user. Cookies used on our website: There are two types of cookies: persistent cookies and session cookies. Both of these types of cookies are used on Stemo AB’s website. Persistent cookies are stored like a file on your computer for a certain period, until you delete them, or the server that sent them deletes them. Session cookies are stored temporarily while you are browsing a webpage, and disappear when you close the browser. We use cookies to make the use of the website easier, and to customize the user’s use. However, the information collected through cookies does not contain any personal information, but is used to determine visitor patterns in relation to the use of our web services. No IP addresses are saved in our databases in relation to behaviour on As a website visitor, information about you can never be linked with your identity. also has cookies to calculate and report user numbers and traffic. We also use so-called third party cookies from other companies to conduct market research and traffic measurements. On Stemo AB’s website, content and sharing tools from social networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, may be embedded. In turn, these suppliers may use cookies on Stemo AB’s website. Stemo AB has no access to, and cannot control, these cookies or the personal data and information that may be collected. Therefore, you will need to check their websites to get additional information about how they handle cookies, what information they collect and how to delete and block these. Personal data may be disclosed to our partners in the manner and to the extent necessary to fulfill our obligations to you in the form of, for example, mailing of newsletters. Deleting and blocking cookies Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but through settings in your browser you can block and delete cookies. How this is done varies between different browsers, and you can read more about this in the instructions for the browser or in the help function found in most browsers. More information about how to control and delete cookies is also available at: Cookies used on the website
GOOGLE ANALYTICS (_GA)According to information from Google, a cookie used to distinguish users.2 yearsstemo.seGoogle has access to the information collected by the cookie.
GOOGLE ANALYTICS (_GID)According to information from Google, a cookie used to distinguish users.24 hoursstemo.seGoogle has access to the information collected by the cookie.
GOOGLE ANALYTICS (_GAT)According to information from Google, a cookie used to throttle request rate.1 minutestemo.seGoogle has access to the information collected by the cookie.
__REQUESTVERIFICATIONTOKENUsed by .NET to handle forms on the website. This is a session cookie which disappears when the browser closes. 
COOKIEAGREEMENTCookie used to identify if the user accepts cookies.1